A busy year and a huge thank you

As we warm the trucks and gear up for the final time in 2022 there is not a face without a smile on it. Our staff can leave the yard today feeling proud of what they have achieved this year. We have dealt with the challenges 2022 has thrown in front of us with grace and positivity. Our company is always looking for new ways we can do things. This makes our company different.

While I know there are numerous contributing factors to our staff feeling happy, I would like to think the introduction of our Happiness Centred Business Principles back in 2017 gave our crew the guidance on how to create this atmosphere.

In the spirit of embracing the New Year we have also chosen our word of 2023:


The meaning of this word relates to straight, ethical, and honest. Place your hand on your heart and do what you say you are going to do. These words permeate the business and become part of the company. It is what we strive for. We understand that for any business to succeed it has to hold on to truth throughout its existence. We do it. This encompasses so much of what we here at Dutton Stormwater feel is vital to every action within our business as well as every individual who plays a part in it.

Our Celebration of 2022

The year culminated in an outstanding celebration in town amid a wave of “sunshine yellow”. As our company keeps growing one of my concerns is that the WIFLE at the end of the year will become too long-winded but everyone had a chance to hold the stick my father carved for me in 1972 in the Kruger National Park, and everyone received a well-earned bonus.  It was a magnificent night.



Nada, Nat, Lucie and Amy, our man Marlon, now reunited with his beautiful family in the Philippines after four long years enjoying the Margaritas on the night, Simon, Orlando, Leon, Mahdi, Edwin, Mike, Claire, Michelle, Sonny, “Molly’s Ladies”, Evie, Monica, and Alexis!

Congratulations to our Award Winners, Leon and Cat.

  • Left: Leon Carr – Directors Choice, Employee of the Year.
  • Right: Cat Woollams – People’s Choice, Employee of the Year.

A Restructure for 2023

We start 2023 with a restructure I am excited about. Congratulations Amy, Claire and William, and thank you for your efforts.

  • Amy Pervan will be our Finance Manager from 2023.
  • Claire Story joins the Senior Management team as Business Systems Manager.
  • William Clark joins our office team to assist in planning and logistics.

Thank you for supporting our business.

We aiming to continue adding value to your experience.

I would like to thank my staff for the hard work they have put in this year. I am proud to work with you.

We are coming to Christchurch in April 2023 and we can’t wait to help the people in the South Island with their stormwater maintenance. Here is our 3A – 10000l truck being built now.

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Ed & the Team at Dutton Stormwater.