Team efforts in the face of natural disasters

With a country battered and reeling from Flooding and a Cyclone, I feel unable to comment on the devastation that has occurred. I can only extend my sympathy to those who were flooded or had their houses damaged. I am so grateful to the work our crew have done in helping to clean up the aftermath of the floods. They have put in many, many long hours for people all over the city. A heartfelt thank you to our team.

Perhaps people may be asking what they can do to help the water flow? In a storm events like these there is not a great deal you can do. However, to give your drains the best chance possible of draining away, clean them.

We are here to help in whatever capacity possible.

Christchurch Stormwater Maintenance

Dutton Stormwater Maintenance’s Christchurch HQ is at 20 Raymond Ave, in Bromley. We are so proud to be working in the beautiful Garden City, and have a fantastic crew based in Christchurch, along with our 10 tonne capacity vacuum truck truck, ‘David’.

A Stormwater Maintenance Company in Christchurch 

The opening of our new Stormwater Servicing Company branch in Christchurch was the culmination of big dreams, months of planning, and some serious mahi. Our team have been busy getting stuck into work, as well as finding some time to get acquainted with the local area, beautiful scenery, and fantastic people.

The team started off by servicing some of our amazing new customers’ sites, such as RD Petroleum and Fire and Emergency and we are very excited to see what the future has in store.

Our experienced Field Operations Supervisor, Marlon Quiban, heads up the branch and the Stormwater Maintenance operations.

Marlon said, “I have loved the move down to Christchurch, everyone has been so welcoming, and I am excited to make Christchurch my home”.

  • Lyndon will be operating our truck and learning the world of Stormwater Maintenance.
  • Isaac is an engineering student who we are supporting in Christchurch with a few days’ work per week.
  • We have one of our experienced drivers doing two-week stints in Christchurch to cover demand.

We feel privileged to be able to take this bold step to providing stormwater services in Christchurch – and are eager to help keep more of New Zealand’s beautiful waterways clean.