A busy year and a huge thank you

As we warm the trucks and gear up for the final time in 2022 there is not a face without a smile on it. Our staff can leave the yard today feeling proud of what they have achieved this year. We have dealt with the challenges 2022 has thrown in front of us with grace and positivity. Our company is always looking for new ways we can do things. This makes our company different.

While I know there are numerous contributing factors to our staff feeling happy, I would like to think the introduction of our Happiness Centred Business Principles back in 2017 gave our crew the guidance on how to create this atmosphere.

In the spirit of embracing the New Year we have also chosen our word of 2023:


The meaning of this word relates to straight, ethical, and honest. Place your hand on your heart and do what you say you are going to do. These words permeate the business and become part of the company. It is what we strive for. We understand that for any business to succeed it has to hold on to truth throughout its existence. We do it. This encompasses so much of what we here at Dutton Stormwater feel is vital to every action within our business as well as every individual who plays a part in it.

Our Celebration of 2022

The year culminated in an outstanding celebration in town amid a wave of “sunshine yellow”. As our company keeps growing one of my concerns is that the WIFLE at the end of the year will become too long-winded but everyone had a chance to hold the stick my father carved for me in 1972 in the Kruger National Park, and everyone received a well-earned bonus.  It was a magnificent night.



Nada, Nat, Lucie and Amy, our man Marlon, now reunited with his beautiful family in the Philippines after four long years enjoying the Margaritas on the night, Simon, Orlando, Leon, Mahdi, Edwin, Mike, Claire, Michelle, Sonny, “Molly’s Ladies”, Evie, Monica, and Alexis!

Congratulations to our Award Winners, Leon and Cat.

  • Left: Leon Carr – Directors Choice, Employee of the Year.
  • Right: Cat Woollams – People’s Choice, Employee of the Year.

A Restructure for 2023

We start 2023 with a restructure I am excited about. Congratulations Amy, Claire and William, and thank you for your efforts.

  • Amy Pervan will be our Finance Manager from 2023.
  • Claire Story joins the Senior Management team as Business Systems Manager.
  • William Clark joins our office team to assist in planning and logistics.

Thank you for supporting our business.

We aiming to continue adding value to your experience.

I would like to thank my staff for the hard work they have put in this year. I am proud to work with you.

We are coming to Christchurch in April 2023 and we can’t wait to help the people in the South Island with their stormwater maintenance. Here is our 3A – 10000l truck being built now.

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Ed & the Team at Dutton Stormwater.

Dutton Team Building on Waiheke

We had a phenomenal day over on Waiheke Island last Friday. The rain had threatened all week. Less determined people would have cancelled the day. Not Nat and Claire. When I suggested we do something else I was told to harden up!

It was good advice because we had a super day. We brought the Dutton Diggers and Diesel crew along and enjoyed each other’s company and enjoyed an experience I would not often partake in. We had a beautiful lunch with a giant WIFLE and distribution of staff bonuses which was fun.

Thank you to those who organised it and for the whole crew for coming with us.






2020 Ended on a High

2020 for Dutton Stormwater ended with a marvelous orange celebration held in the Sustainable Coastlines facility on Hammer Street.  Starting with champagne in the park, then a bus-ride into town, we mingled and chatted before sitting down for a beautiful meal followed by our traditional giant WIFLE.

I discussed how successful 2020 had been for us as a company. I have six success indicators – if these are greater than the previous year, I consider the year a success. These are more:
Joy . Health and happiness . Wealth . Faith . Wisdom . Gratitude

This year our People’s Choice Award went to the unbelievable Sonny Chan.

The Directors Award for the Employee of the year went to Charles Roskilley who has been a rock for our company for over four years, and continues to set the standard four our Vacuum Truck Division.

Goals for 2021

  1. We will begin on a long-term strategy towards zero emissions by 2030 with an all-electric fleet.
  2. We will aim to invest in a little short ‘sucker’ who can easily enter low car parks.
  3. We have ordered our “Trailer Trash” vac-truck which will go where other trucks cannot go.
  4. We will grow Wellness Wednesday and Marvelous Magical Mondays to become part of our company culture. We do what we say we are going to do to look after our staff.
  5. We will have an Advisory Board of Directors to assist with strategy.
  6. We will begin our Central Auckland maintenance contract.
  7. We will continue to deliver to the largest and smallest customers all over New Zealand.
The new versatile ‘Trailer Trash’ unit

And one over-arching goal – Even more focus on accuracy

Being the best stormwater maintenance company in New Zealand is a challenge we have all accepted. With that challenge comes demanding standards.

We have opted for an overarching goal of becoming even more ACCURATE in 2021.

This strategy will permeate our entire business and will contribute to the growth and success of our company for this year. I would like to advise my staff to all brace themselves for another colossal chapter in growth of Dutton Stormwater Maintenance Ltd.

Merry Christmas & 2019 Staff Function

Christmas is approaching and we hope you have a wonderful one!

If is often at this point in time when people can see the finish line, they lose sight of what still has to be done. Not here. I have phenomenal people who work for me!

I was lucky enough to meet most of the partners of my staff at our Christmas bash. What a great night. I think the ‘Giant WIFLE (What I Feel Like Expressing)’ was the highlight for me. I’d also like to acknowledge our two Employee of the Year Award Winners;  People’s choice was Marlon Quiban (right, with Said) and Director’s choice was Wiremu Clarke (left, with Ed).

Ten years on…

After what started as a flicker of a vision in 2009 with me, a van, one staff member and a dog, we have come a long way. There are so many things we are striving for at Dutton Stormwater, but at our core we want to employ the best people in the world to carry out the best stormwater service in the world. Everything else falls into place after that.

For me personally I would like to take this opportunity to say a few personal thank yous:

  1. To Ruth, our wonderful Councilor who listens to us with such care and empathy, you are a joy to have in our business – thank you.
  2. To Huia, our organized phenomenal marketing guru. You have transformed our marketing department and you are patient. Thank you.
  3. Roman – our charismatic photographer. You manage to get the best out of a tired looking bunch. Thank you mate.

On the 9th of May 2009 all I said to Kate was that it was now or never. What has happened since then has been quite life changing. I hope it has not defined me. I am my family’s first Dutton in New Zealand, and Dutton Stormwater allows me to express myself as the person I am. I am grateful to this business for that. There have been many little mishaps and tricky situations through which I have gained a sense of faith in the human spirit and strong sense of self-belief. I have learnt that no-one is coming to save me. It has been fun.

Thank you, merry Christmas.
Ed Dutton.

More photos of our fantastic team from our celebration