Ed Dutton has worked in the stormwater industry in South Africa and New Zealand. Ed’s first job in New Zealand was with Hynds Environmental, selling stormwater treatment devices. Dutton Stormwater now services and maintains the majority of these devices.

While working in the sales sector, he realized that there was a lack of professional stormwater maintenance in Auckland and Christchurch. Stormwater devices in Auckland and Christchurch weren’t being serviced well – if at all – so he decided to do something about it.

In 2009 Ed bought a van, and began his mission to build today’s large dynamic team of people, who share his vision for cleaner waterways in New Zealand for the next generation.


14 years on, Dutton Stormwater employs over 40 staff across our Auckland and Christchurch offices. We provide maintenance services to some of New Zealand’s biggest commercial clients. Foodstuffs, Caltex and Gull and Goodman all utilize our services, as does Auckland Council.

But it’s not just the big guys – many residential clients also rely on us for the regular maintenance of their stormwater devices.

It’s a success story that’s grown from the core values that underpin the company’s vision.

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Care for the environment

“The very existence of our company is to do our part in caring for the environment. Every activity we perform is to protect the ocean from pollutants.”

Courage & integrity

“Staff are encouraged to act with courage and integrity. If they see a behavior which is not appropriate, they are encouraged to say or do something. The person receiving this advice is to accept the advice from a caring perspective.”


“The staff at Dutton Stormwater are a team. We work with partners, councils and customers to achieve our vision.”

Follow through

“We do what we say we are going to do. No job is left incomplete.”

Health & safety

“There is no compromise on the safety of our staff and the partners we work with.”


“We aim to keep things simple. From the initial communication to the completion of the job, you will find us approachable and uncomplicated.”

Continuous Improvement

“The entire team at Dutton Stormwater endeavor to improve, both as individuals and as a business.”


Our hard work ensures that New Zealand’s waterways remain clean and free from pollutants; protection of our natural environment is at the heart of our company’s values. We all need to take responsibility for our beautiful waterways. If you have a stormwater device on your property, it is your responsibility to ensure it is functioning as designed.

Most stormwater treatment devices are designed in the form of a filter. Common sense suggests that filters block up and need to be cleared. We manage this concern for you. The frequency of maintenance is often stipulated on your resource consent. However, we work with you to ensure the frequency of maintenance is correct for your site.

As one of New Zealand’s top stormwater management companies, we are committed to helping you keep your stormwater system operating as it was designed. Whether you’re a commercial or residential customer, we guarantee to provide you with the best stormwater maintenance package available.

Our stormwater system maintenance proposals are site-specific and are always designed for the customer’s benefit. We love our customers. Good enough isn’t. We deliver our stormwater services to exceptional standards that add value to all who trust us with their assets. We do this through outstanding customer service, strong health and safety standards, audits on quality of work and the finest and most relevant reports in the business. We always look to do more with less, and remain on a path of constant and never-ending improvement and innovation. Whatever your stormwater maintenance needs, we will deliver.

Contact us now for advice on how we can help with your stormwater maintenance requirements. Together we can keep Auckland and Christchurch’s waterways clean.


The people who work in the Dutton Stormwater Maintenance crew are fantastic. They are FLEXIBLE, take OWNERSHIP, work in UNITY and show each other and our customers RESPECT.


Dutton Stormwater Maintenance operate three crews in Auckland’s North Shore, South Auckland and Christchurch.  We service client locations across New Zealand, so book your stormwater maintenance now.


In 2020 Dutton Stormwater were awarded the contract from Healthy Waters to maintain the treatment devices for the Auckland Region for the next five years. This was a culmination of years of working for contractors for Council and immersing ourselves in the stormwater treatment device space.


To acknowledge and publicly recognise the commitment of our customers to Responsible Stormwater Management, and to raise awareness of the importance of stormwater system maintenance, we have created the Stormwater Responsible badge. This badge is awarded to customers who demonstrate responsible stormwater practices by regularly maintaining their stormwater systems. Companies can then use this to show their own customers and the community they are doing their part to minimise contamination of our waterways.

To qualify, customers of Dutton Stormwater must have performed regular stormwater maintenance on their existing devices for at least two years, and/or have committed to two year’s scheduled maintenance on all stormwater devices going forward. To discuss further, or if you already qualify and would like to be awarded the badge, please email


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Kiwi Property Group – 2023

The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints – 2023

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