Rain garden maintenance

Over the 15 years of being in Stormwater Maintenance, we have noticed a shift in stormwater treatment options. When our business began, stormwater treatment consisted of Sand filter, Upflo filter and StormFilters™. These devices are fantastic, and we love maintaining them.

However many businesses have shifted towards an even greener option and in the last 5 years we have seen the installation of many Raingardens and Filterra® treating stormwater runoff. As stormwater specialists we absolutely do service Raingardens and Filterra® installations.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Grant, our Business Development Manager, to get your raingarden on a regular maintenance programme which will ensure its continuing effectiveness.


Visy Recycling awarded Stormwater Responsible badge

I recently had the privilege of presenting our third Stormwater Responsible Badge, which was awarded to one of our oldest and most loyal customers – Visy Recycling. I have been involved in the stormwater system at Visy since 2007 when the sand-peat filters were installed. Since then, we have grown with Visy, and together we have managed to bring their annual maintenance costs down from year to year.

We are truly grateful to the customers receiving Stormwater Responsible badges, for their support and their uncompromising efforts in keeping our waterways clean. Thank you.

We have designed this beautiful badge to acknowledge businesses who have made a consistent effort to maintain their stormwater assets. The maintenance we provide these customers serves four main purposes:

  1. It reduces the risk of your stormwater system blocking up.
  2. It minimises the levels of sediment being flushed out into the ocean.
  3. It reduces the cost of urgent callouts and potential remedial work.
  4. It ensures that your site is always compliant.

The criteria to qualify for a Stormwater Responsible Badge are as follows:

Earning a badge requires over 25 points
1.       Do you have a maintenance contract with Dutton Stormwater? If you do, you get 5 points.
2.       For every two years of regular maintenance of your stormwater devices you gain five points.
3.       If you follow through with your maintenance schedule after one year, you gain 10 points.
4.       If more than 75% of your sites are regularly maintained, you get 10 points.