Council compliance information

Is my Stormwater Filter Device Covered by the Building Act?

At the time of the construction of your site, there may have been a requirement for a filtration system to be placed on your property. The purpose of this Stormwater device would be to filter the Stormwater runoff on the property, before ending up in the ocean. This would have been one of the requirements before the council consent to build could be granted.


Who is responsible for this Stormwater Device?

Part of the consent process would have been an agreement with the council and the developer to: operate, monitor, and maintain the Stormwater filter system in accordance with the approved plans.


Is the developer responsible for the maintenance?

In accordance with this building act, the owner of the property is required to regularly maintain the filtration device to ensure efficient operation. If the developer has passed on the property, whatever agreement made with the council, will now be the new owners responsibility to uphold.


The council are asking me for a Service Maintenance Contract. What does this mean?

If the council are requiring a Service Maintenance Contract, this means they would like to see a contract between yourselves and a Maintenance company (such as Dutton Stormwater Maintenance) to show regular servicing of the your Stormwater Device/s as in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.


The Council are asking for my last service reports and I can’t find them. Can you help?

If we are maintaining your Stormwater systems, and you have been approached by the council, please call us, as we keep all records and reports on file. Dutton Stormwater can send your reports to yourself, or directly to the council if required.


I am not sure if my Stormwater Devices are monitored by the Council. How do I find out?

If you are unsure if your Stormwater device is monitored by the council, give them a call, or look in your council property file. All the information should be there.


If my Stormwater device/s are not monitored by the council, do I need to regularly clean them?

YES, regardless of whether your Stormwater Device/s are being monitored by the council, the water that goes through them needs to be filtered. If the filters are not maintained, the device will be ineffective and could block (A blocked device can cause unnecessary flooding). The contaminated water passing through the filter will go into the Stormwater drains and out to sea or waterway. It is our responsibility as New Zealanders to keep our surrounding oceans/rivers/lakes clean. So please, let us, help you, help NZ’s waterways.