Storm filter cleaning & maintenance

Storm filters protects the environment by removing a wide range of pollutants from stormwater runoff. They clean the stormwater through a passive filtration system; this treatment system uses rechargeable, self-cleaning cartridges to absorb and the retain pollutants from stormwater runoff. These include:

  •   Total suspended solids;
  •   hydrocarbons,
  •   nutrients;
  •   soluble heavy metals;
  •   other common pollutants.

The frequency of maintenance services will be reviewed by Dutton Stormwater at the completion of each service and this recommendation will be included in the service report.

Sediment loading determines how often Dutton Stormwater services your Storm Filter. A properly functioning system will remove solids from water by trapping particulates in the porous structure of the filter media inside the cartridges.

The flow through the system decreases as more and more particulates are trapped. When the flow is low enough the cartridge will need to be replaced.

Site conditions greatly influence maintenance requirements. Storm Filter units located in areas with erosion or active construction may need to be inspected and maintained more often than those in more stable areas.

Dutton Stormwater will:

  • Complete all the required health and safety documentation and permits
  • Remove all sediment from the vault floor and fore bay with a Dutton Stormwater vacuum truck
  •  Check the inlet and outlet pipes
  • Check for structural deterioration
  •  Replace the Storm filter cartridges
  •  Dispose of the waste at an approved environmental disposal facility
  • Complete a service report for your records