From the Director’s Desk – March 2022

As we near the conclusion of quarter one of 2022 I would like to reach out to our customers and thank them for working with us during this outbreak. It has been a period of growth in both staff and turnover. It has also been a period of adjustment for our company.

One of our measures of how happy our customers are is the number of compliments our team get. For the last two months we have been receiving almost a compliment per day – which must be a good sign!

Thank you for keeping our spirits high!

Working smart in a pandemic

We have created a staggered start system where we have the ops crew working in “bubbles”, and the office is split into two, to avoid the risk of Omicron decimating our whole organization. Everyone, to a person, is working hard to be positive and do whatever they can to keep the business functioning.

Our services are still in high demand and we are ahead our workflow target for 2022 to date. Our operations crew continues to forge on bravely, despite feeling the effects of Omicron in this department. As hard as we try, we are getting positive cases, but work is still being done.

We work weekends too

At the beginning of this year we created a weekend call-out system. We have an administration person rostered on every weekend, and we a driver who can come and resolve your problem. Please call us if you have an issue on the weekend! We will sort it.

Welcoming new staff

We have taken the time to employ three outstanding people who will join us over the next three months. We will put pictures up of these individuals as they start. I am confident they will help grow our business and they will understand the responsibility that lies on their shoulders to make this company better than when they started.

Thank you to our wonderful people

Once again, I want to thank the amazing team that is Dutton Stormwater for the hard work they are doing. I want to thank them for the constant adjustments they must make. I understand your frustrations. We have come through tougher times than this, and we will come through this with our heads held high, and another knot in our story which makes us the special company we are.

Best regards,