The Director’s Desk – September

It appears the media is intent on spreading fear and pessimism throughout the business sector. Dutton Stormwater does not subscribe to opinions of the media. Our perception of business in New Zealand and what we are doing remains positive and strong. We defy the odds and have done since our inception. We as a company are not affected by media or other perceptions. We are focusing on our tasks. This is illustrated by the graph below which shows how our percentage of jobs completed being very close to 100% since April.

New additions to the team of fleet

August was a big month from a Human Resource perspective. We continue to embrace our value of diversity. This month we have taken on Conrad Donkin as our sales rep. Conrad has a vast amount of experience in the construction industry both in New Zealand and abroad. He brings a fantastic energy to our team.

Said has also turned up from the Netherlands. Said is slim and fit and joins the crew as a stormwater technician. Said is a man of few words, but his smile is infectious.

LittaTrap™ Success Story

In July we installed two LittaTrap™s on a site in Onehunga. I drove past a few days ago and asked the owner if I could have a look at them. We went over to the pits and pulled the bags out. They had caught a large amount of debris, silt and litter. We emptied them out into a skip on his site and organised a maintenance regime with him going forward. We were both so impressed with the efficiency of this application. The owner took some photos and was determined to show the other members of his board.

Challenge for the city – And a Free Offer

If you want to be proactive in protecting the ocean, call us to come and quote you for installing LittaTrap™s on your site. If you get LittaTrap™s installed in all your cess pits, we will supply and install the first one free!