The Rain Gardeners

The Rain Gardeners is a sister company to Dutton Stormwater and we’ve been proud to collaborate on some great rain garden maintenance projects this spring. We’ve also agreed some regular rain garden mainenance contracts with Dutton Stormwater clients as well maintained rain gardens are essential for great performance wherever they are included as part of a stormwater maintence system.

You can check out the website here – – and you might see the van out and about with Sonny on board.

Raingarden refurbishment – Onehunga

In the month of September, we helped one of our clients with a major refurbishment of their raingarden. The job spanned 268m2 and we excavated approximately 135m3 of contaminated material out of the garden. We divided the garden into stages and the engineer came to site at various intervals to inspect the media. When she was happy with the depth of material removed, we replaced the excavated contaminated material with fresh, clean raingarden mix. This media was initially shaped by our skilled excavator operator and then finished by Sonny himself.

We then repaired the riprap which ensures there is no scouring of the garden when water flows into it. We laid 75mm of beautiful bark over the garden and planted new plants at 500mm intervals. This raingarden is now in mint condition, and we will be maintaining it monthly to keep it this way.

This raingarden is part of the stormwater system on site and is part of the treatment train for the stormwater the site discharges. We are specialists in servicing these stormwater treatment devices. The Rain Gardeners work closely with Dutton Stormwater to ensure the Raingarden maintenance forms part of the Stormwater Management Plan for the site. This is a more comprehensive service and will ensure your site is complying with your stormwater discharge consent.

If you are unsure about your stormwater management plan for your site, please do not hesitate to contact the crew at Dutton Stormwater to take the worry out of managing your stormwater system.

Mt Albert Rain Garden Rejuvenation

Our Rain Gardeners team also carried out a refurbishment on a rain garden in Mt Albert where there have been years of neglect. The raingarden has had new life breathed into it.  They removed all the litter, aerated all the media, replaced any dead plants, and cut back weeds and overgrown plants. We are happy with the result of this maintenance, and we look forward to keeping this raingarden as it should be.