The Directors’ Desk – August

There are few things more satisfying for me than to see crystal clear water emerging from the outlet of a filtration device we maintain. Over the month of July our crew completed 100% of our planned maintenance jobs. This is a massive feat from everyone. The planning, servicing and invoicing was all completed before the end of the month – a standard we pride ourselves on. I would like to congratulate the team on their effort through the month of July.

Over the month of July, the Dutton Stormwater staff accumulated 13 compliments from customers, ranging from our office staff being “so on the ball” to our operations crew being “so polite and passionate about their work.” Thank you.

Welcome back Claire

During the month of July the phenomenal Claire Storey returned to us. Claire has been on maternity leave and has slotted back into work like she never left. Like any mother, she manages life and business with grace and poise.

Team challenges & team building

12 out of 14 of our staff members completed “dry-July”. Perhaps it was harder for some? Great effort team.

We had a fun morning of Spanbou at the Panic Rooms. Far too complicated for me to find my way out, but we all enjoyed ourselves.

Major project – Sand Filter

A major project in July was the refurbishment of a neglected sand filter in Onehunga. Our team of six removed over 48 tonnes of contaminated silt and disposed of it at an authorized waste facility. This was a monumental effort that spanned over three days. On behalf of all the families of fish in the ocean I want to thank the crew for doing this work.

Stormwater highlights

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System/State Disposal System (NPDES/SDS) MS4 permit is designed to protect US rivers, lakes and streams from polluted stormwater runoff. SEH MS4 specialist April Ryan, water engineer, shared 25 key facts about stormwater, stormwater pollution, permitting and MS4.

Note Fact 25: Everyone can help battle stormwater pollution. “There a dozens of ways all of us can help reduce stormwater pollution. Don’t over-water your lawn. Wash your car in the grass, not in the driveway. Use fertilizers sparingly. There are many others.”

Challenge for the city – Clean UpFlo Filters

Please remember that we are running a special on up-flo filter commissioning. If you sign a contract with us to maintain your site with an up-flo filter on it, we will commission your up-flo filter for free.

Want to know more about UpFlo Filters? Here are two videos that you may like to watch:

Click here to see how the Up-Flo® Filter Stormwater Treatment System removes fine sediments and other pollutants from stormwater runoff, and how simple media bag replacement is compared to other stormwater treatment filters.

Click here to see the Hynds UpFlo Filter specs. Designed to meet current stormwater regulations, and remove 90% total suspended solids (TSS) with a mean particle size of 20 microns, the Up-Flo® Filter combines a patented upwards flow path with a unique drain-down system to achieve proven removal efficiency of fine sediment, nutrients, metals, oils, organics, and organic trapped bacteria. With a low head requirement to drive flows through media, the Up-Flo® Filter is recognised by councils for achieving greater than 75% TSS removal. Impressive.