Meet our Operations Planning Team

Over the years you have quite likely become accustomed to the courtesy e-mails and phone calls you receive from our phenomenal operations planning team. These five people are responsible for planning all the work, responding to emergency call outs, and letting customers know when we will be on site. These five people have the character traits of tenacity, mental dexterity, and patience. For you as customers, I would like to introduce them to you so you can put a face to the voice.

Nada Bashori

Nada has been with us for over four years and knows our business well. She is kind and patient. Nada moved here from Iraq and is the most dynamic and glamorous grandmother I know.

Lucie Carpenter

Lucie is in her second year with us and has recently completed our Leadership Programme – JOLT – under the direction of Wade Jackson. Lucie hails from Czechoslovakia and looks after her two beautiful children when she is not working.

William Clarke

When our planning team needed another planner, we advertised internally. We were lucky enough to have one of our Team Leaders apply for the role. William has become an asset to this team because of his site knowledge and his rapport with the field crew.

Cat Woollams

Cat was voted our Peoples Choice Employee of the year last year. She is passionate about getting work done. Her planning is meticulous and careful, and her customer service is unparalleled.

Michelle Buckingham

Michelle, otherwise known as Molly, leads this team of wonderful individuals. She has been in the business for over six years, and she has weaved her way through accounts, sales and now she leads the operations team with accuracy and passion.


These five people make sure work is planned for the customers and the team in the field. We thank them for their efforts. May I ask all our customers to be patient with these people as they aim to satisfy your requirements, while working at the mercy of the substantial weather events we have experienced in 2023.