A long awaited trip & a new arrival!

As Ed prepares to visit his phenomenal parents in South Africa, we would like you to know you are in good hands.

Our GM Tracy will be running the business, and we will be doing everything we can to provide our unique ‘Dutton Service’.

We have had another wonderful Stormwater Conference in the beautiful Garden City where we learned from various industry experts. It was amazing to have a large contingent of crew down in Christchurch, especially considering our imminent expansion south next year! The personal highlight of the conference was the whole crew dancing in a circle at Fat Eddies until closing time!

New Vacuum Truck en route to Auckland.

We are trialling a new model of working. In partnership with the Waimea Group we have hired a marvellous 6500l vacuum truck. This truck is currently in Rotorua and is making its way back to Auckland, where it will focus on Soak holes!

We are committed to keeping New Zealand’s drains and filters clean.

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